NRL Fantasy Watch Round 4 2024

NRL Fantasy Watch Round 4 2024

NRL Fantasy Scout, Wicky & Kyle Bedford will be bringing you the most important news every week to help you with your NRL Fantasy teams!

This week, we cover our key players to buy, hold & sell + recapping how our teams went in Round 3 & key notes from all 16 teams playing this weekend.



Jayden Campbell (WFB, $459k)

  • This is one that you could watch for a week or two, but with so many teams struggling to field 3 WFBs this week, he’s definitely a viable option
  • Campbell is priced at just 32, yet averaged 46 pts in 2022-2023 at fullback. It’s pretty clear there is value and money to be made
  • The worries here are that he’s only just returning from injury and it may take him a few weeks to be 100%, and also the fact the Titans are struggling
  • He did manage 17 Pts over 40mins in Q-cup last week without much attacking stats, so decent enough signs to go ahead and buy.

Terrell May (MID, $619K)

  • May looks a good buy for those that don’t already have him. After keeping an eye on his minutes over the past few weeks, Lindsay Collins has succumb to a hamstring injury, which should see May continue to play solid minutes in this Roosters pack
  • We’re expecting around 50-60 minutes and a 50+ average, which should see him make another 100k.

Api Koroisau (HOK, $676k)

  • Api has started the season in hot form with scores of 58 and 74. He’s looked unreal so far and we expect attacking points to continue for Api
  • Add the goal kicking to this and he looks a solid buy in a position with not a whole lot of value around.

Patrick Carrigan (MID, $773k)

  • Carrigan has seen a big boost with Haas out, playing the full 80 mins last week for a score of 66. With another injury to Brendan Piakura, this really stretches the Broncos bench
  • We expect Carrigan to continue playing big minutes until Haas is back, which should see him continue to pump out big scores
  • Priced at 54, a 60+ average is very realistic here until Haas returns

Dylan Brown (HLF, $675k)

  • Dylan Brown should benefit from the Moses injury. Since 2022, Brown averages 52 pts with Moses vs 57 pts without Moses (small sample size)
  • With Talagi partnering Brown, he should see more ball and a LOT more kick metres. Brown has averaged 62 KM this season. We expect this to increase to 300+ KM without Moses, which would be an extra 8 Pts
  • Add to this the potential of more try assists and run metres, priced at 47, he looks to be value. He has a breakeven of 71 this week, so not an urgent buy if you want to wait a week or two

Jacob Kiraz (WFB/CTR, $579K)

  • Kiraz had a huge game last round, scoring 89 pts. This has seen his breakeven drop to just 17 as he looks likely to start rising in price
  • He’s priced at 40, yet averages 48 when playing CTR. Just be wary, he does have some low scores in him, scoring just 35 and 25 in RDs 1 and 2
  • If you want him, it’s now or never, but he certainly isn’t a must-buy. He’s likely to score better when the Dogs are winning games, so make a judgment based on how you think the Dogs will go over the coming weeks

Blaize Talagi (CTR, $261K)

  • After debuting at CTR last week, Talagi is set to play in the halves with Moses out
  • Keep an eye on him this week to see how he goes, as another out of position CTR could be fantasy gold. He certainly looks like a good buy if you’re in need of a CTR this week

Kulikefu Finefeuiaki (EDG, $331K)

  • He scored 40 with a try last week, since getting the start with Luki injuries. Priced at 23, he’s great value and an easy buy

Lachlan Galvin (HLF, $333K)

  • Don’t need to go into much detail here. If you don’t have him, get him. He looks like he could average close to 50. At this price, he is a must have

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Looking for late mail? We've got you covered!
Looking for late mail? We’ve got you covered!

Ones to Watch

Clint Gutherson (WFB, $577k)

  • Similarly to Brown, Gutherson tends to score much better when Moses isn’t playing. 41.4 avg with Moses, 60.3 without
  • A lot of those games did include tries however – add that to the fact his BE is 58, is fine to just wait and see for now

Chris Randall (HOK/MID, $583k)

  • With Tino out, Randall could potentially get more mins in the middle of the park. Randall has been starting the game at hooker, with Verrills usually coming on around the 20th min mark, which sees Randall move to lock for a bit and then subbed off early-ish in the second half
  • Tino’s minutes have to be spread somewhere, and Randall could potentially be one of the beneficiaries
  • Interestingly, in 2023 Randall’s avg in 40+ min games with Tino was 41.4, without it was 65.8
  • Still, its probably best to wait and see how the Titans forward packs minutes turn out. 

Jaimin Jolliffe (MID, $518k)

  • Essentially same as Randall. Scored 52 in 45 mins last week, but wait and see for now

Isaiya Katoa (HLF, $421k)

  • Katoa appears to have overtaken Sean O’Sullivan in the halfback rankings, holding his spot at 7. Playing next to Nikorima, would expect Katoa to dominate most of the playmaking duties
  • In Round 2 he scored 57 which is great – if he gets a similar score this week it could be wheels up

Kai Pearce – Paul (EDG, $549k)

  • KPP looks a real exciting fantasy prospect. Since getting the starting spot on the edge, he’s played 80 mins in both games despite a back rower being on the bench. Surprisingly, Frizell has been the player to lose minutes
  • Priced at 38.5, KPP looks like he could average 50+ if he’s consistently getting 80 mins on the edge. His breakeven is still at 39, so give it another week
  • If he looks the goods and plays 80 again this week, he looks a great buy

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Joey Lussick (HOK, $534k)

  • Lussick was a popular trade-in last week, but disappointed with a score of just 28 in 80 mins
  • He will continue to play 80 mins with no hooker on the bench and should improve his scoring. No Moses should also add a few points in the form of kick metres
  • Hopefully he can churn out a few consistent 45+ scores

Cameron McInnes (MID, $688k)

  • McInnes’ minutes look to be on the up with plenty of injury issues at the Sharks. Due to the lack of minutes in the first couple rounds, I wouldn’t be buying him, but if you own you’re in luck
  • With the lack of forwards available, it looks very likely McInnes will see 60+ mins in the near future. Hold

Zac Hosking (EDG, $697K)

  • After starting the season on fire, Hosking has been benched again in favour of captain, Elliot Whitehead
  • We expect Hosking to continue to get decent minutes off the bench and continue to rise in price with a breakeven of just 30
  • After a 48 off the bench last week, he is a hold. Do not sell, do not buy

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Injury List (Sells)

Nathan Cleary: 2-4 weeks

Payne Haas: 4-6 weeks

Greg Marzhew: 4-6 weeks

Lindsay Collins: 2-4 weeks

Brendan Piakura: 4 weeks

Reece Walsh: 4 weeks

Mitchell Moses: 8 weeks

Taine Tuaupiki: HIA 1 week

Scott Sorensen: 4 weeks

Tino Fa’asuamaleaui: ACL season

Sandon Smith: 3-6 weeks

Bryce Cartwright: Named but doubtful, potentially 4-6 weeks

Reuben Cotter: Named but doubtful, potentially 1-2 weeks

Cameron Murray: Named but doubtful/ongoing issue

Whether it's Fantasy/SC, Late Mail or Punting - we've got you covered for Round 4 of the NRL!
Whether it’s Fantasy/SC, Late Mail or Punting – we’ve got you covered for Round 4 of the NRL!

Dale Finucane: 2-4 weeks

Toby Rudolf: 3-6 weeks

Royce Hunt: 4 weeks

Albert Hopoate: 1 week

Alex Twal: HIA 1 week

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Team Recaps

Kyle – Baby Face Leota

RD3 Score – 874

Overall Rank – 667

kyle nrl fantasy team round 3 2024

General Thoughts

A solid round for me with a round rank of 365. I was forced to hold onto B.Smith and Tupouniua as I had to fix other issues, and am fairly happy with their scores considering they’re on the chopping block.

Hosking also did well considering he started on the bench. I traded in Galvin and Lussick. Galvin looks great, but I was let down by Lussick. Will just have to see how he goes over the next few weeks.

Trade Thoughts

Plenty of carnage this week with a lot of players out for most teams. I’m in a fortunate enough position in that I’m able to field a full 17 players after trades (as it looks like a few will struggle to field 17). 

Initial trade thoughts are to trade Cleary and Piakura. It looks likely Cleary will miss at least the next 2 weeks with injury, followed by the bye. Piakura will miss up to 4 weeks so I’ll probably look to move him on.

My first trade-in will most likely be Terrell May. After watching him for a few weeks, plus the injury to Collins, I think it’s time to bring him in.

My second trade-in will either be a WFB to give me a full 17 (looking at Campbell or Turbo), or I may just run with 16 players and strengthen my team elsewhere (most likely Carrigan, D.Brown or Koroisau). Nothing locked in at this stage.

Alessandro – NRL Fantasy Scout

RD 2 Score – 856

Overall Rank – 6363

nrl fantasy scout nrl fantasy team round 3 2024

General Thoughts

Very nice round for my team, scoring 856, moving up 35,000 ranks and finishing with a round rank of 981.

Koroisau and Kiraz were the main reasons for my big jump in ranks, as they have fairly low ownership. Burbo, Strange and Lussick were disappointing, but am fairly confident they’ll all bounce back.

Very unfortunate with Tuaupiki failing his HIA and now missing this round, as he was looking like a solid money maker. Galvin was a great trade in, and looks set to make a lot of money.

Chan being ruled out turned out to be a blessing, as it forced me to take Flanagan’s score in my loop – very happy with 46 from him as it kick starts his price rises.

Trade Thoughts

Lots of issues in my team – Cleary, Piakura, Tuaupiki and Niu are all fairly urgent sells, with Tupouniua, Levi and Hughes being borderline. At this stage I’m thinking Cleary and Piakura out, as they’re both out for up to 4 weeks – If I wait a week and then sell next week it’s probably not worth trading them.

Is still a chance Tuaupiki plays next week so am thinking of holding him just in case. In terms of buys, I need a WFB in order to field a full team this week. Most likely will be getting Jayden Campbell (reluctantly) as I don’t really want to invest into another gun WFB, I’d rather reallocate all my funds into my forwards in future weeks.

Titans haven’t looked great, but am hoping Campbell can turn things around for them.

I am also going back on my word, and getting Terrell May. Despite being anti-May up until now, with Collins out he seems near a must-have.

I want Finefeuiaki as well this week, and if I could I would get him over Campbell, but it would mean I’d be playing with 16 so not sure I’m prepared to do that.

If he scores well again this round, he’ll be coming in next week – feel as if next week is the last opportunity to buy him before his price spirals.

Patrick Carrigan, Dylan Brown and Blaze Talagi are all on my buys radar, but will have to wait for now. 

Always post my team and trades to my story before the round starts, so if you want to see what I do every week check out my page – @NRL Fantasy Scout on Instagram.


Nicho Hynes

Would say Hynes is the ‘safest’ pick if you own him, been a bit quiet to start the season but still averaging 59. 

Isaah Yeo

Super reliable, averaging 66 and usually always plays 80 mins (didn’t last week but imagine that was due to Penrith winning comfortably). Argument he lifts even more with Cleary out. 

Patrick Carrigan

With Haas out, should play massive mins and be the main man in the forward pack (if he wasn’t already). Scores of 57 and 66 in last 2 weeks.

James Tedesco

Is in sublime form to start the year, averaging 63. Coming up against a Cleary-less Panthers, should see plenty of attacking opportunities.

Terrell May

Lindsay Collins out means potentially even more mins for May. Operating at a 1.06 PPM so far this season, with 50-60 mins on the horizon could be a great shout. 

Jamal Fogarty

Has been super consistent so far, with almost all of his points coming from base which is promising. Averaging 58.7 pgg, with a crazy 681 kick metres per game also.

Like the matchup here as well up against a depleted Sharks side.

Api Koroisau

In great form to start the season, having been strong in defence + adding attacking stats into his game as well. 66 avg so far, and coming up against an Eels side without their main man in Mitchell Moses. 

Kalyn Ponga + Tom Trbojevic

These guys are a bit more risky/POD picks, and you’re essentially banking on them being heavily involved in attack in order to get a good score.

Ponga is up against the Warriors, and Turbo the Dragons – which is definitely the better matchup of the two.


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