Check Out Sport Science Startup ActiveStats

Check Out Sport Science Startup ActiveStats

We caught up with Tyson McCarthy, one of the co-founders of sport science startup ActiveStats, to discuss their product, their journey so far and Australia’s wider sport-tech ecosystem. They took me over to their office-based gym and showed me their product. The tech seemed really cool and they have begun installing their product “CoachView” into squat racks of elite sporting teams. Read more about their product and check out the recorded podcast episode below!

CoachView includes three key elements. A tablet device mounted inside the squat rack running the CoachView app, a side camera mounted on the wall and an app for the user to access information from home.

The user can access instructional videos and pre-loaded programs and record themselves working out so they have an instant replay of their workout from both the front and side angle. The coach can access a portal where they can view all their athletes’ workouts and provide customised feedback.

Using the solution, coaches can track the performance and form of over 15 athletes in their gym as well as being able to review athletes’ form over a period of time or before and after injuries.

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