How To Get The Best Out Of ‘Edge’ For Sport Fans

How To Get The Best Out Of ‘Edge’ For Sport Fans

If you’re a sports fan and are interested in the numbers, whether it’s from a betting or fantasy point of view or you’re just looking for a different perspective, you’ll love ‘Edge‘. Instead of boring you with the detail, we’ve included a few screenshots below to show you some of the functionality of our products. From daily fantasy or betting projections to interactive visuals – there’s something in it for everyone!


‘Radar charts’ on Cricket Edge are a great way to compare two players with templates for batsmen, bowlers & all rounders.

We’ve used this example as a clear way of highlighting the value of radar charts. AB de Villiers dominance over Virat Kohli and overall strong profile may not surprise many cricket fans but shows us what we’re missing out on with him only playing certain T20 tournaments around the world! You can select which players you’d like to compare, stats you’d like to filter or just use the templates we’ve pre-selected. If you’d like to share the graphs on social media – it would be great if you could tag us. We’d love to be part of the discussion! Please note the data used for the radar charts & rankings tabs are currently 1 December 2017 onwards and only include the major T20 tournaments + games including the 10 countries from the 2019 ODI World Cup.

All filters can be changed by users – we’ve amended the highlighted ones in the screenshot above.

Our ‘Insights‘ section gives you even more power to filter T20 cricket data. We’ve currently only included the IPL, WBBL & BBL but will be adding more tournaments and making the data more user-friendly over the coming weeks. In this example we’re looking only at games in the IPL, for players who have played at least five games in the 2019 season with the highest strike rate.

Rugby League

Data for Preliminary Finals of the NRL in 2020

If you’re a typical rugby league fan and love to have a small bet on First Try Scorer markets, especially before big games – you’ll love our Betting section. You can shop around for the best odds, look at how likely players are to score based on their career stats or what their odds should be according to our predictive model. We discussed our models in more detail here.

In the screenshot above, we’ve sorted via ‘Highest/Model%’ so the highest numbers are theoretically the best bets. The different highlighting is another way we try to make it even easier for fans to find the best picks – yellow is the site with the best odds for that player, green is a good value bet and red is where the highest available odds ratio is more than 125% so great value.

Data for Preliminary Finals of the NRL in 2020

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is an emerging market in Australia, however globally it’s a hugely successful industry with Dream11 even sponsoring the IPL! Our analysis thus far has been for Rugby League DFS on Draftstars. In our ‘Fantasy‘ section, you can filter by games, check out our predictive model’s projected score, ownership % & our value %. Again we’ve tried to make it easy for users to pick out the best value players – ‘Kenneath Bromwich’ being highlighted red means he’s great value (value % of 217) compared to ‘Josh Addo-Carr’ highlighted yellow (value % of 289).

We’ve just rolled out the T20 Cricket version of Edge today (16th October) so if you do find any bugs or have any suggestions on either product please feel free to reach out on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook or!

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