Wicky Premium Explained

Wicky Premium Explained

Wicky just turned 4 years old this week and the last 12 months especially has been a wild ride! We went at ~25% ROI over 3000+ NRL tips in 2023. We’re almost sold out for Gold but the 3 other packages for Premium in 2024 are still available. Remember you can join our discord and check out all our content & tips for NRL + our odds comparison tools for NRL, AFL & NBA here for free.

Wicky Premium Packages
Wicky Premium Packages

Do I need Wicky Premium?

Honestly, for most people the answer here is no. Wicky is my (Nakul) full-time business and our content, data tools and discord community is free for almost everything across Punting, Fantasy and Supercoach for NRL, Cricket, AFL, NBA & NFL.

If you have any questions – dm me on Discord or email us at nakul@wicky.ai

Our NRL try scorer tips were honestly just done for fun from 2020 onwards. We spent a lot of time and money creating models and the odds comparison tool (OCT) in 2020 and 2021. The ‘Punters Preview’ article was created in mid 2022. Then after Magic Round in 2023, we had multiple huge odds winners and broke the pricing model of one of Australia’s biggest bookies! My intention was to always keep things free for Punters, but because of our social media virality and success of our tips – we were killing off our own edge.

If you are someone who punts for profitability and understands that with Premium you’ll be on 100+ higher odds try scorer tips a round, then Premium could be a good fit for you.

Wicky's Premium odds comparison tool (OCT)
Wicky’s Premium odds comparison tool (OCT)

How does Premium work?

NRL Team Lists come out at 4pm (Sydney time) every Tuesday. So we have a few hours worth of getting on try scorer prices while the markets are inefficient and we have standout prices. This is for Gold members only – we only have 1 slot available for this (20/3/24).

Wednesday around 4-5pm, we send these tips to our Silver members. Whichever tips are available within around 10-15% of the prices we’ve tipped on Tuesday, they get on. Remember they’ve got the Premium OCT to use which has 6 markets and 11 bookies compared to the free OCT which only has 2 markets and 6 bookies.

Wednesday evening – we do our Punter’s Preview Podcast, open up the free OCT to the public and release the Punter’s Preview article with tips for the public. Again – due to the success and popularity of our tips, we’ve had to limit these tips to around 5 per game. So there may be around 40 tips in this article, whereas Premium members would get somewhere between 1-150 at significantly better prices.

24 hours before every game – NRL team lists are cut down to 19. 1 hour before each game – the final teams are locked in. So there are 16 opportunities across a round for us to act on team changes. Gold & Silver members have access to this.

If you don’t have the time or bankroll for all of this, that is understandable. Bronze is for access to just the Premium OCT, no tips.

What are some of the other benefits of Premium?

One of the most valuable aspects of creating Wicky Premium since mid 2023 NRL season has been the private Premium community chat. Personally – high odds NRL try scorers is my main area of interest, something I’ve developed an instinct for over a decade. And using our Premium OCT and models – that is how our tips are formed. However, the people in the community have a broader knowledge of sports betting that would be invaluable for someone who is looking to be profitable long term with their punting.

We’ve explained our (approximate) ROI of 25% over 3000+ tips in 2023. The tracking is much cleaner this season – separated between Premium and free tips. As the markets evolve – we have had to make our free offering in the Punter’s Preview article more limited to make sure Premium members are getting bang for their buck. The early and exclusive access to these prices for our group (sitting just under 40 currently) is huge. There is a clear difference between the prices we get on earlier in the week compared to what’s left over on game day.

If you have any questions – dm me on Discord or email us at nakul@wicky.ai

18+ only. Please gamble responsibly and remember this is not financial advice.

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