NRL Late Mail Round 7 2024

NRL Late Mail Round 7 2024

Wicky, NRL Fantasy Scout & Kyle Bedford bring you all the late mail for Round 7 of the NRL in 2024!

We’ll try to run you through which sides of the field halves, second rowers, centres and wingers will be playing and covering any late outs due to injuries/HIAs etc. In short, everything you need for your NRL Fantasy, NRL Supercoach, tipping or punting efforts.

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Titans v Manly

Sat 20/4, 5.30pm

Update Sat 20/4 – In news that may break the internet, Dean Matterson is in for Nathan Brown on the Sea Eagles’ bench.

Titans Left

AJ Brimson, D Fifita, Kelly, AKP

Titans Right

Foran, Fermor, Smith-Shields, J Fifita

Manly Left

Brooks, Waddell, Koula, Talau

Manly Right

Cherry-Evans, Olakau’atu, Garrick, Saab

Broncos v Raiders

Sat 20/4, 7.35 pm

Broncos Left

Mam, J.Hunt, Cobbo, Oates

Broncos Right

Madden, Riki, Staggs, Arthars

Raiders Left

Strange, H Young, Kris, Savage

Raiders Right

Fogarty, Mariota, Timoko, Schiller

Bulldogs v Knights

Sun 21/4, 2pm

Update Sat 20/4 – Gagai OUT, with Tuala shifting to centre and Jenkins coming onto the wing. Strengthens the case for Marzhew to return to his favoured left wing.

Bulldogs Left

Burton, Kikau, Xerri, Addo-Carr

Bulldogs Right

Hutchison, Salmon, S Crichton, Kiraz

Knights Left

Hastings, Pearce-Paul, Best, Marzhew

Knights Right

Cogger, Lucas, Tuala, Jenkins

Sharks v Cowboys

Sun 21/4, 4.05 pm

Sharks Left

Trindall, Wilton, Iro, Mulitalo

Sharks Right

Hynes, Nikora, Ramien, Stonestreet

Cowboys Left

Dearden, Finefeuiaki, Holmes, Valemei

Cowboys Right

Townsend, Nanai, Chester, Feldt

Roosters v Storm

Thu 18/4, 7.50pm

Roosters Left

Keary, A Crichton, M Jennings, D Tupou

Roosters Right

Watson, N Butcher, Manu, Suaalii

Storm Left

Munster, Blore, R Smith, Coates

Storm Right

J Hughes, E Katoa, Meaney, Warbrick

Dragons v Warriors

Fri 19/4, 6pm

Dragons Left

K Flanagan, Su’a, Suli, Tuipulotu

Dragons Right

B Hunt, Faitala-Mariner, Lomax, Ravalawa

Warriors Left

TMM, Ford, RTS, Montoya

Warriors Right

Johnson, Capewell, Berry, DWZ

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Eels v Dolphins

Fri 19/4, 8pm

Eels Left

Asi, Lane, Harper, Simonsson

Eels Right

D Brown, B Cartwright, Penisini, S Russell

Dolphins Left

I Katoa, Aitken, Niu, Bostock

Dolphins Right

K Nikorima, K Bromwich, Averillo, Isaako

Panthers v West Tigers

Sat 20/4, 3pm

Update Sat 20/4 – Alamoti comes in for Taylan May who’s out for “personal reasons”.

Panthers Left

Luai, Sorensen, Alamoti, To’o

Panthers Right

Schneider, Martin, Tago, Turuva

Tigers Left

Galvin, Bateman, Olam, J Tupou

Tigers Right

Sezer, Papali’i, Naden, Staines

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