NRL Fantasy Watch Round 12 2024

NRL Fantasy Watch Round 12 2024

NRL Fantasy Scout, Wicky & Kyle Bedford will be bringing you the most important news every week to help you with your NRL Fantasy teams!

This week, we cover our key players to buy, hold & sell + recapping how our teams went in Magic Round & key notes from all 16 teams playing in Round 12.

Buys/Ones to Watch/Holds/Sells


Tolutau Koula (CTR/WFB, $474K)

  • Koula impressed in the 1 jersey last week, scoring 45 without being overly involved
  • Will have the jersey for the next couple months whilst Turbo is out – if you didn’t jump on last week make sure you do this week

Tyran Wishart (HLF/WFB, $382K)

  • Wishart’s stocks continue to rise – we have had him in the buys section for the last 2 weeks, and now with Munster out long term, he remains for a 3rd straight week
  • Wishart and Hughes should be the Storm’s halves pairing for the next 8-10 rounds, giving Wishart plenty of time to make money and get some more good scores

Max King (MID, $659K)

  • Max King looks a good option for overall players in need of bye coverage for R13 and R16
  • With King, it’s simple – If he’s getting big mins, he’ll score well. King had 62 mins last week and scored well off the back of it
  • However, we don’t expect him to get those kind of minutes every week. With the current lineup, we have him projected at about 50mins
  • At 50 mins, there’s not too much value in King, however the cover he gives throughout the byes may be enough to consider buying, as he’s a fairly safe/consistent option in a tricky position at the moment
  • If he does manage to continue playing 55+ mins, then he should be able to rise in price as well, averaging 50+ pts

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Ones to Watch

Isaiah Papali’i (EDG, $685K) 

  • I.Pap looks a potential keeper option who plays every round from R14-25
  • With the bye next week, it’s worth waiting for now. But if he’s playing 80 mins on the edge, he’ll be a popular buy come R14

Justin Matamua (MID, $257K)

  • Matamua has been named as the starting 13 this week, and at only 257k has the potential to be an absolute steal
  • The issue is that the Tigers have now had 6 different locks this season so far; Seyfarth, Pole, Bateman, Papali’i, Twal and now Matamua, making his spot far from safe

Naufahu Whyte (EDG, $424K)

  • Whyte has been named at Lock this week with Butcher dropped and Radley moving to the edge
  • Whyte could be a handy pickup next week if his minutes look solid, especially with Watson also out for about a month

Scott Sorensen (MID/EDG, $578K)

  • Sorensen is a potential option for those looking to boost their R13 stocks
  • After returning off the bench, he gets the starting spot this week
  • However, with a lack of news regarding Garner being out, and uncertainty over Soro’s mins, we think it’s best to wait a week here

Jack Wighton (HLF/CTR, $408K)

  • Wighton has made the move from the centres to the halves, and could provide some handy value especially given he has HLF/CTR DPP
  • However, it remains to be seen whether this is a long-term solution for Souths. We would also like to see how he and Walker split the kicking, so definitely a wait and see at this stage

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Reuben Cotter (MID, $728K)

  • Had a down score last week, playing fewer minutes and just generally getting through less work as a result of versing a weaker team in the Rabbitohs – nothing to worry about here, he will bounce back

Samuela Fainu (MID/EDG, $456k)

  • Fainu has been a bit unlucky the last couple weeks. He was forced to play 40mins at CTR in R10, and last week was forced from the field with severe cramp
  • His scoring when playing on the edge has been good, he just needs to get his 80mins there and he’s great value

Tohu Harris (MID, $750k)

  • Will be back in Round 14 after the bye. Given how important trades are, he is a firm hold


Connor Watson (MID, $780K) 

  • Watson is out for 3-4 weeks after sustaining a throat injury. Too expensive unfortunately to hold for that long

Jaimin Jolliffe (MID, $666K)

  • It has been confirmed Jolliffe will be out for the next 12 weeks. Simple sell here

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Team Recaps

Kyle – Baby Face Leota

RD 11 Score – 880

Overall Rank – 772

kyle nrl fantasy team round 11 2024

General Thoughts

Unfortunately a decent rank drop this week. Traded in Jolliffe which hurts and an injury to Tohu also isn’t ideal.

I’m fairly well planned for the R13 byes, but will need to strengthen my MID / EDGs with a few guys out with injuries / byes.

Trade Thoughts

Initial thoughts are to sell Turbo and Jolliffe (pending news on the length of Jolliffe’s injury).

I’ll most likely trade in Aitken + a MID. However, I’m currently unsure on which MID I’ll get. A couple options are King, Fainu, Sorensen, AFB.

Alessandro – NRL Fantasy Scout

RD 11 Score944

Overall Rank11613

nrl fantasy scout nrl fantasy team round 11 2024

General Thoughts

Was fairly happy with how my team performed last week to be honest, but despite this I still pretty much just held ranks, moving up by just a hundred or so spots.

Few low scores in my MID’s, but not concerned given Cotter just had less mins due to vsing Rabbits, and Fainu had cramp.

Trade Thoughts

Finally a week where there isn’t too much I need to do. Have been running fairly weak MID’s for a number of weeks, whilst I have been watching potential options to bring in.

I didn’t want to rush things, and was happy to wait, but now I think I’m finally ready to pounce.

Will likely be bringing in Max King. I’ll be honest I’m still not 100% sold on him, but he fixes a lot of my issues so I’m prepared to take the risk.

This will provide me with a full team for Round 13. Going to probably sell Burbo, as I don’t see him really going anywhere in terms of money making. At this stage just looking at making the 1 trade.

I always post my team and trades to my story before the round starts, so if you want to see what I do every week check out my page – @NRL Fantasy Scout on Instagram.


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