Studying for a Career in the Sports Industry

Studying for a Career in the Sports Industry

Several times over the past few years, I have considered studying a masters or MBA within sports analytics or finance. I never found a central list of many courses, let alone anything that compared different courses at different universities.

Below is a list of the courses I found and felt were interesting enough to be bookmarked. I have to admit that this list is not extensive and one thing I have seen is that the number of potential courses is rapidly increasing as the sports analytics and finance industries both grow. I am hoping that this list helps someone who is starting to research potential courses in this field.

The list is split into analytical degrees, finance degrees, other sports related degrees and then a final section on shorter courses, some of which are completely free. The courses are heavily tailored to soccer, due to that being my personal preference when originally seeking out potential courses. One thing I quickly found was that hundreds of universities offer Sports Management based MBAs, so I have not provided a list for them.

Analytical Degrees

Finance Degrees

Other Degrees

  • University Uninettuno (in partnership with Sheffield FC, Leeds United FC and 5Gobal) offer an array of online football focused MBAs and undergrad degrees. The MBA options are Football Club CEO; Football/Sports Intermediary; Professional Football Scouting: and, the Pioneer in Football MBA
  • Sports Management Worldwide provide a Sports Management MBA via Concordia University. They also provide an array of shorter courses, for example an 8 week Baseball Analytics course
  • E-Careers – Football Intermediary Professional Programme

Free/MOOC Courses/Short Courses

This article was written by David Martin. Check out his site ‘Actuaries FC’ where he’ll be writing more sports analytics content as well as writing with us.

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